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Cake of past weeks

Hi everyone. I have been busy. Busy in a good way, so I'm not complaining. I have two jobs ( I worked 80 hours a week) and I loved them both.

In the past couple of weeks I made some amazing cakes. For example this Camera cake. It was a challenge for me and a surprise for the birthday lady. I guess I did a very pretty good job making this Camera cake. Or not?

I also had 2 very cute cakes for the birth of a baby girl and baby boy. I made the Pink one first and another lady wanted it for her niece. So I made a blue one version of the cake. Aren't they cute!! And the baby were also very cute.

It's a Girl

It's a Boy

I also had some last minutes cakes. Why? Hhahahhaa how can you forget your birthday or birthday of relative.... The cake is the first thing that you order for a birthday celebration.
Ok, this one was a last minute box cake. Everything in a box is always very interesting... I think, or not?
I Always wanted to make a pillow cake. The shape of these cakes I found …