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Give Away competition - Give Away competition

This year I will be giving away some nice prizes!

So to start this give away competition I made a nice selection of cake ingredients and tools!

Only thing you need to have a Facebook account to participate in this Give away competition.

The rules are very simple to follow the only thing is that you need the right answer to my question!! Hahahah that is the tricky one!!

So have fun with my first give away competition!

Here comes the Question !!!!

But first on a row what you can win: 1. Bestron food processor 2. Redvelvet cake mix of FunCakes 3. 2 Spatulas 4. 1 Packet colored cupcakes cups 5. 1 Pack of cookies tins 6. Modeling tools 7. Pink storage box with cute cake prints out

How can you win this nice prize: The birthday of my father is on February 12, two days before Valentine's Day and on that day I’m going to announce the winner. Sooooo…….
1. You have to guess the age of my father and count on the age of my mother, brother, myself and Browny's Cakes (how long Browny's Cakes exist…