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Butter Cake recipe - Reseta pa bolo di manteka

In my home town Curacao the butter cake is one of the most sold cakes. It's very easy to make and it's also very delicious. You can buy it every where in the supermarkt or just at a local snack.
I received a lot of request to make a how to Cashew cake Youtube video, but before that I will start with the "Bolo di manteka" (butter cake) The reason why I start with the butter cake is because this cake is the base for the cashew cake. You need butter cake to make the cashew cake.
The ingredients for the butter cake are: 8 eggs2 cups of sugar2 teaspoon of vanilla extract3 teaspoon of almond extract2 cups of milk230 gr. butter4 cups of flour4 teaspoon of baking powder1 teaspoon of salt
On below Youtube video I will show you step by step how to make the butter cake. Just follow the steps and you will finished with a delicious and soft butter cake.

If you have qusetions after seeing the Youtube tutorial, you can left a message behind and I will try to answer you ASAP! If you…

Disney Minnie mouse cake

I think a lot of childrens love the disney cartoons. Yes I had another Minnie mouse cake challenge. I think I can master on the Minnie mouse cake.

This time I made a Minnie mouse cake by using 3 rounds cakes. One cake pan of 10 inch and another cake pan of 8 inch. So I bake 1 round cake in the 10 inch cake pan and bake 2 cakes in the 8 inch cake pan.

Before I filled and make the Minnie mouse form I made the cake board to put the cake on it. I cut the cake board and glued a nice red ribbon with white hearts on the side of the cake boards.

This cake was a chocolate sponge cake filled with oreo cookies, chocolate buttercream and chocolate mouse. So a very tasteful chocolate cake party :-)

So the first step filling the chocolate sponge cake with oreo cookies. I just chopped the cookies a little bit and then put them on the chocolate buttercream.

The second layer for this cake is filled with chocolate mouse. I can ensure you this cake is a chocolate delicious party.

After filling all the …