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Disney princesses cake

Almost every little girl dream to become a princes. Uhm... I was one! So every daddy's little girl want to have a princes cake.

This princes cake was for Kiyara 4th birthday. The dad of Kiyara contact me and ask me for a princes cake for his princes. Of course every princes has a crown so we had to put a crown on the top tier of the cake.

A closer look at the cake? Check below YouTube video:

Everything is handmade. I always wanted to make a crown from gumpaste and this was the right opportunity to make this crown.

To make this crown you only need few things: Gumpaste, edible glue, cutting tool, ruler and a pencil. You can buy all these products on Browny's Cakes webshop.

For how to make this cute pink crown check my below YouTube how to for this crown. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are not a subscriber yet.

But daddy didn't want only one cake for his princes but 2 cakes. One for on Kiyara birthday and one cake for the big princes party, that w…

Some Cake projects

It has been a while that I write something on my blog. I was very busy with so much cake projects and also with my full time job beside my own cake and webshop business.

I'm busy making some new "How to" and Youtube turorial. So subscribes to Browny's Cakes Youtube Channel:

In the past few weeks I had some interesting cake projects and also a learning experience for myself.

For example this Dinosaurus cake, was such a joy making this cake. This cake gave me the opportunity the practice my painting skills. I always wanted to make a river, but I didn't have the opportunity till now. It was also very fun to make this Dinosauros out of crispy rice.

I made also a Youtube video where I show you how to whole proces went. On this you tube video you can see how I made this Dinosaurus cake. You can also see how I made the dinosausrus out of rice crispies.

For a 5 year old birthday I had to make 2 cakes. A very big number 5 cake an…