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Pancakes tower recipe

It's sunday and it is a good day to bake some pancakes for breakfast. I just made some delicious pancakes and filled them with greek yogurt.  I want to share the recipe with you. After all pancakes is kind of a cake (LOL)

With this recipe you can make 5 big pancakes. Believe me when you finished with the second one you don't have place for a third one.


400 gr flour4 teaspoon of baking powder400 ml milk2 eggs100 gr  melted butterpinch of salt
Put the flour and the baking powder in a big bowl and mix well with a spoon,Add the milk  and keep stirring so you won't get lumps in your batterAdd the melted butter and eggs into the bowl and stir till you get a smooth batter
You pancake batter is ready. I use butter to bake my pancakes. It's just taste different then when you bake them with oil. 
For the filling: 250 ml greek yogurtbowl of strawberries2 tablespoon of sugar
Wash and cut your strawberries in half,In a bowl mix the greek yogurt wit…

Some Cakes to share

This was a very busy week and more busy weeks are coming up. I have some Youtube videos that I need to edit for you Brownyssss, but I didn't had the time yet. So Youtube videos coming up soon.

I want to share 2 cakes that I made this week. The first one is a princess cake that I made for a three year old girl. It's very cute and pinkkkkkkkk! Every little girl likes pink.

The other cake that I made is from children tv series "Chugginton" It's a serie about some talking trains. This cake was for a three year old boy named Keanan. His dad was so in love with the cake. He was very happy when he saw the cake.

Don'r forget everything that I'm using to make my cakes are obtainable on my webshop. From materials till ingredients.

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Te un otro bia (See you soon in my native language papiamentu).
You can follow Browny's ca…

Some cake projects and sculpted things out of gumpaste

I'm busy this week with a lot of cake projects and it is a lot of fun.

I'm making a train with rice crispy. It's very easy just melt mini marshmallow and stir well. After that add te rice crispy and keep stirring till the rice crispy stick on the marshmellow. Now you are ready to start sculpting whatever you want with your rice crispy. It's a lot of fun doing it and it is also a lot of fun eating it.

Every princess needs a crown.... So I have also a princess cake in my schedule this week. I made several things for this princess cake. I made them a few days ahead so they can dry properly. For example I made a crown, a bow, some sugar flower, a plaque with the princess name on it etc..

I almost forget, I also made some cuteeeeeeeeee gumpaste balloons. I steamed these balloons, that is why they are shining!!! They are top cuteeeeeeee, Or not?

Take a look below for the how to make these balloons. Especialy for all the Brownyssssss who will try to make these balloons.

As a…

Banana Cake recipe & banana ice cream recipe

Yesterday I wanted to eat something sweet but also healthy. I need some vitamines, because next week it will be a bussy week in Browny's Cakes kitchen.

I was walking in the supermarket looking for ice cream and I though, instead of buying ice cream why not making my own ice cream. I have an ice cream maker at home and I only used it twice.

This ice cream maker I have it since I was a student. It's not big but is good enough for one ice cream bucket. I bought some bananas and went home.

At home I was thinking " I have some bananas for my ice cream, but I can also make a banana cake".

Ok, enough talking and let's start making this banana cake and ice cream.

Banana ice cream recipe:


3 Bananas1 cup milk1 cup whipped cream1 can of condensed milk (379gr)1/2 teaspoon of yellow colorYou need an ice cream maker and a blender to make this ice cream.
Preparations: Put you ice cream maker one day ahead in the freezer.Cut your bananas into pieces and put them in your…

Minnie mouse Cake topper Tutorial

Last weekend I post 2 Youtube videos on how to make the Minnie mouse cake topper on the picture above. 
Like 3 weeks ago I made a Minnie mouse cake with a Minnie mouse head as cake top. See the picture below.

I received so many questions about this Minnie mouse cake topper, that I decided to make a how to about it. 
This how to is devided in 2 videos. It’s very easy to make this Minnie Mouse cake topper you only need patience.

Because this week is Valentine week I put some hearts on the bow. You can use this Minnie mouse cake topper for a cake for your Valentine........
I hope you enjoy and learn something with this new tutorial! If you have a question after watching these videos don’t hesitate to send me a messag. I will get ASAP back to you.
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Te un otro …