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How Browny's Cakes begin...

I was taking a look at some old Browny's Cakes pictures and realise that 3 years ago I began with this Cake journey. So we make a Video with a few cakes that we make in the past 3 years. Most of them are from 3 and 2 years ago.

I hope you like it.

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XOXO Browny's Cakes It's a browny's thing...

Chocolate fudge icing recipe

I receive a request from one of our follower on Facebook, to post the Chocolate fudge icing recipe.

Ingredients: 4cup of melted dark chocolate, (56% cocoa and has to be baking chocolate)
1/2 cup of hot water,
100 gr. butter,
1/2 cup confectioner sugar,
4 tablespoon corn syrup.

Preparations: Melted chocolate mixed with hot water,Add butter and continue mixing until you get a soft chocolate paste,Confectioner sugar Add and continue mixing,Finally, for a bit of shine add the corn syrup to the icing,Put the icing for 30 to 45 minutes in the refrigerator. Not too long or else it will be too hard.
As always, I am very curious to see your creations. So don’t forget to upload your photos on Browny’s Cakes Facebook page. Click here for Browny's Cakes Facebook page Blog: E-mail: Have fun. XOXO Browny's Cakes It's a browny's thing ...

Picnic basket Vanilla Cake - Browny's Cakes

Yesterday we made a special cake. Why is this cake special?? I live in Holland so we are in the winter season at this moment and a client wanted a summery and healthy cake. So we thought what could be summery and healthy during winter time...... So we had to jump out of the winter time and go to summer time. And what is the most relaxed and "healthy" thing that you can do during summer time.... Picnic!!! So we decide to make a Picnic Basket vanilla cake.

If you have any questions about this picnic cake send us a e-mail to or post your questions here.

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XOXO Browny's Cakes It's a browny's thing...

Check our Chocolate Cars Cake on Youtube

We made this cake last year and found a very funy song that match this chocolate cake! Enjoy the chocolate cake of Browny's Cakes and ofcourse the song. (song isn't from Browny's Cakes)

A choco choco lataaaaaa

For more pictures click here for Browny's Cakes Facebook page.
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Browny's Cakes
It's a browny's thing...

Red Velvet Cupcakes recept

Zoals we vorige keer op ons Facebook pagina hebben vermeld, Red Velvet cake is chocolade taart met rode voedingsmiddel kleurstof. Dit keer ga ik een makkelijker recept met jullie delen. Je hebt niet eens een mixer nodig voor dit recept.
Met dit recept maken wij ook ons redvelvet cupcakes, dus Brownyssssssss niet door vertellen :-)

Oven voorverwarmen op 180 graden.

Ingrediënten 1 1/4 cup bloem,1/2 theelepel baking soda,3/4 cup suiker,1/2 theelepel zout,1 Eetlepel cacao poeder,2/4 cup olie,1/2 cup botermelk (geheim: boter met melk een paar seconde opwarmen, todat de boter is gesmolten)1 ei,1Eetlepel rode voedingsmiddel kleurstof,1/2 theelepel azijn,1/2 theelepel vanille extract.Bereidingswijze Meng alle droge ingrediënten met elkaar (dus bloem, baking soda, suiker, zout en cacaopoeder)Meng voor 1 seconde de olie, azijn en rode kleurstof samen in een kom,Mix met een garde de botermelk door de mengsel van de droge ingrediënten,Voeg daarna de olie mengsel met de azijn en kleurstof erin en bli…

Do you want to win a chocolate cake or goodiebag

We are going to do something fun! Do you want to win a chocolate cake (20 diameter) like the one on the picture? All you need to do is make sure that one or more of your friends like our Facebook page! You have until Sunday, January 20! Send us a message with the names of your friends who have liked our page, the one with the most people wins the cake. 
And for my followers abroad don’t worry, because if you win and you don’t live in the Netherlands you will receive a goodie bag full with baking products.
Brownys's Cakes Facebook link:

For more pictures click here for Browny's Cakes Facebook page.
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Browny's Christmas Cake of 2012

I was watching the cartoon “Peter Pan” and suddenly this idea for my Christmas cake pop up! My christmas cake theme has to be "fairy tales".  I've never make ​​a fairy before so I went straight to google and began to search for fairy pictures. A fairy is not so easy to make, because there is a lot of detail in her body and face. To know exactly how to make her body and face (yes, it’s a female fairy) I went on youtube.

As you can see on the pictures, my christmas creation consists of 3 cakes stack on each other. I coloured the marzipan red and green with food colour and then covered my cakes with the marzipan.

After covering the cakes with marzipan I start to make the fairy. The fairy took me quite a long time. The face of the fairy had to dry before I could work with it. Why? If the head is not dry than it’s impossible to place the hair and draw the eyes. The fairy is made from fondant, because fondant dry easily. Fondant or gumpaste are ideal to make people, animals,…