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Summery Cupcakes

Last week I was enjoying the summer and thought about  making some cupcakes for my friends. I draw some cupcakes on a piece a paper so my fantasy begin...

Check also my youtube summery cupcakes video

To make these cupcakes you need:

Cups for cupcakes,Make Vanilla cupcakes recipe ( it's optional. You can make any flavour you want)Marzipan,Colour paste (green)Pencil,Cocktail umbrella'sFlower cutter (different size)Butter cream, If there is anyone who want the recipe for Vanilla cupcakes, leave a message behind and I will put the recipe on my blog!
XOXO Browny's Cakes It's a browny's thing...

Cars cake youtube video

Like I promise last week. I'm not posting the pictures right now for my second Cars cake but a Youtube Video. I hope you all enjoy it! I will put the pictures next week. Feel free to left a message behind.
XOXO Browny's Cakes It's a browny's thing...

Butter Cookies

I came home from work wanting some cookies. I didn’t want a standard cookie from the supermarket. I didn't feel like eating chocolate cookie, so I thought, why not baking my own cookies.  So I baked some butter cookies.You don’t need so much ingredients, and within 1 hour, you have delicious butter cookies. All you need is butter, salt, sugar, vanilla extract and flour and voila! When my cookies were ready I felt like a kid in a candy store with my beautiful decorated cookies. I covered the cookies with fondant and marzipan. I look forward to your creations. If you have any questions about making these cookies, leave a message behind.  For more pictures visit and like my facebook page Browny’s cakes.  Click here for my FB page.
XOXO Browny's Cakes It's a browny's thing...

Carrot Cake

When you hear "carrot cake" you will think it is TO HEALTHY or NOT TASTY! Well I'm not a Carrot or other vegetable eater, but I must say this cake is very tasty. I can even dare to say that this cake tastes better than chocolate cake. Nowadays you have so many unhealthy cakes, so I thought time for something new and "healthy" It remains a cake so there's  some sugar and  also butter in it, but it's still healthy because of the carrot. If anyone is interested in the recipe please leave a message and I will post.

XOXO Browny's Cakes It's a browny's thing...

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