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Cake with a bow

This cake was my first cake with a bow on it. It was a challenge to get everything so beautiful. You should make the loops, at least 3 days in advance. The loops should be made of fondant and not marzipan. Fondant is used to make figure as roses and leaves because it will get hard and Marzipan doesn’t. After making the loops you can bring all the pieces together to make the bow. You must be precise and proceed with patience. The loops may not remain stuck at once. You have to hold them for a second of two. There is a special glue that you can use for this stuff, but a little water does the same job as the glue. If you have more questions about making a bow let me know. Check my facebook page Browny's cakes for more pictures.

Browny's Cakes
It's a browny's thing...

Noeka's Blue & White Bday Cake

Noeka's B-day Cake

A while ago on the request of a young lady I made ​​below three layer cake. This cake was actually meant for herself but  alsofor her mother and sister who’s birthday were in the same month. They  celebrated their birthday on the same day with this cake. It’s a sponge Cake filled with Chipolata pudding and pineapple jam.  For more pictures visit and like my facebook page Browny’s cakes.  Click here for my FB page.

Chocolade Fudge icing of....

Chocolade Fudge Icing of.....
Ja, we hebben vandaag Chocolade Fudge icing gemaakt. Misschien zijn er mensen die ge├»nteresseerd zijn in dit recept of een andere icing. Check ons facebook page Browny's Cakes voor meer icing keuze!

Recept Chocolade Fudge icing:

4 cup van  gesmolten  pure chocola (56% cacao)1/2 cup warm water100 gram roomboter1/2 cup poedersuiker4 theelepel corn syrup Voorbereidingen: 1. Gesmolten chocolade mixen met warm water,  2. Roomboter toevoegen en blijven mixen, totdat je een zachte chocolade pasta krijgt, 3.Poedersuiker toevoegen en blijven mixen, 4. Als laatste, voor een beetje "shine" de Corn Syrup aan de Chocolade Fudge icing toevoegen.
5. Zet de icing voor 30 a 45 minuten in de koelkast. Niet te lang want anders wordt het te hard.
Veel plezier.

Browny's Cakes.
It's a browny's thing...

Cashew cake recipe in an "Easter bunny shape"

I love challenges. So..... A customer asked me to make a Cashew cake in the shape of a Easter bunny. A "Bolo di Cashupete" (Cashew cake) is normally baked in a round cake pan and decorated with cherries.
I accepted the challenge and Voila. I am very proud of the result. Happy Birthday Hayley!
The recipe:
Preheated the oven at 175 degree C.
Cake batter Ingredients : 500g butter,450gr sugar ,1 teaspoon bakingpowder,10 eggs,3tl vanilla flavor,2tl almond flavor,500g self-raising flour,

Preparation: Mix the butter with sugar until creamy,Ad the eggs one by one, and keep mixing,When the eggs are incorporated in the butter and sugar mixture, you can ad the flour, vanilla essence and almond essence. Don’t forget to sift the flour to take out the lumps,Keep mixing the cake batter till the flour is incorporate and you get a creamy and fluffy cake batter,

Put the cake batter in a 25 diameter cake pan and bake the cake for About 1 hour and 20 minutes or untill it’s done! You can check if the ca…